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SHOULDER: Rotator Cuff,Tendonitis, Impingment, Labral Pathology, Frozen Shoulder

NECK: Spasm, Headaches, Dizziness

BACK: Herniated Disc, Postural Dysfunction, SI Joint, Stenosis, Sciatica

HIP: Osteoarthritis, Bursitis, Labral Pathology, Impingement

KNEE: Tendonitis, ACL, Patellofemoral, Meniscus, Illiotibial Band Syndrome, Osteoarthritis

ANKLE & FOOT: Plantar Fascistic, Sprain, Strain, Shin Splints, Achilles Injury

Musculoskeletal Pain + Restriction can occur after an injury or as an “over time process” that occurs due to postural strain + muscle imbalance in the body. Pain is a body signal that results from inflammation + mechanical dysfunction.

The goal of our session is to:

  • Get to the root of your physical symptoms or injury

  • Decrease pain + inflammation

  • Improve your mobility

  • Correct the dysfunction

  • Develop body awareness

  • Connect with your bodies innate ability to heal itself

  • Learn tools to navigate through your body’s signals and needs while you are healing

  • Get you stronger

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  • Healing Hands on Techniques- Soft Tissue Mobilization, John F Barnes Myofascial Treatment and Craniosacral Technique

  • Education- on injury, posture and ideal body alignment

  • Mobility + Strengthening Exercises

  • Individualized Daily Movement Practice specific to your injury + body

  • Mind Body Practices to help you develop body awareness 

  • Nutritional Guidance

  • Lifestyle Assessment