I went to see Amy before my mastectomy surgery at the recommendation of my surgeon. I had no idea what to expect about the procedure or how to prepare myself. Amy was sensitive, kind, empathetic and she immediately put me at ease. We worked together to strengthen and stretch the muscles in preparation for the surgery and the expanders that were to be placed for several months before my reconstruction. I returned to Amy after my first surgery. My muscles were tight, and she used hands on techniques to increase my mobility and range of motion. She combined a relaxing massage technique with targeted exercises to maximize the healing process. Working with Amy made a very difficult time in my life significantly more manageable, both physically and emotionally. She truly cares about her patients and their overall well-being, and she played a . major role in my successful recovery.
— Julie P
After attending a few sessions of Physical Therapy at a renowned hospital rehab center, I wasn’t hopeful that my frozen shoulder was making the expected improvements. “Do three sets of ten and I’ll be back to check on you” made it feel like a factory with text book instructions dispersed. Then I met Amy! The personalized one-on-one attention allows her to create a bespoke program specific to MY injury and body, adapting the work and program each week based on my progress. Amy uses her medical training plus certifications in myofascial release and integrative nutrition to create a holistic effective approach. She is fully up to speed on latest studies, protocols and pushes you appropriately for results. Amy follows up with emails with what to focus on for the week or to share new information. I’ve learned tons during my sessions about the mind/body connection, movement and fascia tissue. Glad to report that with Amy’s help, my frozen shoulder is thawing towards full recovery!
— Michele C
Amy is a real healer. Hands down the best I’ve ever had. I suffer from chronic back pain and am under major amounts of stress. Amy takes away both of these things away each session with lasting effects. She seems to always intuit exactly what the source of the problem is and I leave each time with my pain relieved and a general sense of peace. She has incredible energy healing hands combined with scientific knowledge of understanding the body. I no longer need acupuncture or chiropractic work since Amy is the best healer of all and I recommend to her everyone I know!!
— Jessica K
Amy’s skill is rooted in a solid foundation that supports the artistry in which she works. It is a privilege to experience someone who is acutely present and whose hands listen and respond with such clarity.
— Carol R
If you are reading this testimonial consider yourself very lucky. Amy has a unique gift that can only be experienced. Her ability to make you fell comfortable is very rare. She is able to access parts of the body through gentle and focused techniques that I have not experienced anywhere else. She is kind, giving and a true healer.
— Alain P
To Amy you’ve helped me learn how to love myself, my body, my art. Much more than I ever expected to find at physical therapy. With so much Love and gratitude.
— Amanda S
To simply call Amy a Physical Therapist doesn’t do her justice. She’s a healer in the truest sense. I began my treatment with her while I was still undergoing chemotherapy and after having had a bi-lateral mastectomy. Her gentle manner and clear knowledge of how to treat women who have gone through breast cancer immediately made me feel at ease. She saw me through all phases of my treatment, including reconstruction and radiation. Her integrative approach was crucial to my recovery. Amy’s passion for what she does is immeasurable, and I found extremely beneficial at a time when I was being seen by Doctors who didn’t always understand all sides of what it means to go through a time as difficult as this. I feel very lucky to have met her and highly recommend her to anyone who is going through any phase of breast cancer treatment.
— Marla R
Simply put, Amy is amazing – she is such a soft touch, literally and figuratively. After undergoing a bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstruction, Amy’s hands-on treatment and guidance quickly alleviated my tightness, helped me recover my full range of motion and armed me with stretches and exercises to do on my own for maintenance. Amy is a kind-hearted soul who genuinely loves to help women navigate the physical and emotional hurdles that are associated with the diagnosis, surgical and recovery/healing phases of breast cancer. And best of all, through our connection, I have made a new lifelong friend.
— Linda v
Amy brings an entirely fresh lens to the healing process. In addition to an extensive knowledge in anatomy and alignment, she provides that much needed pause button to examine aches and pains within the context of my life — and offers perspective on how to shift certain patterns or habits to allow for greater connection and flow. I always leave each session feeling more grounded in my body, and with specific things to be more aware of in the week ahead. 

Amy is truly invested in her clients— apparent in her considerate follow-up, gentle touch and overall demeanor, and the sense of exploration she brings to her work. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to gain a greater sense of ease and understanding in her own body — whether as it relates to a specific injury or general body awareness. She is a a true joy!
— Erica R
Amy is a true healer.  She is a devoted, intuitive and caring practitioner. I always come away from a session feeling cared and nurtured. Amy is a gift to everyone she touches!
— Daphne S
I have been dealing with back pain and tightness that was always present and sometimes debilitating. Amy’s therapy has improved my flexibility in my lower back dramatically. As important as the therapy was the wisdom she shared which allows me to maintain Great flexibility and No pain.
— Ian K